Cheap Student Accommodation!

Looking for Student Accommodation that won’t break the bank? Look no further than Brix! Here at Brix Hostel, Zizkov, we are gearing up for the start of the new academic year, which means plenty of students pouring into the beautiful city of Prague to begin a new adventure.

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Prague’s Café Scene

As we head into September it looks like the summer warmth has gone into hiding. Luckily for us, Prague has a fantastic variety of cafes spread across the city.

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Potluck Harvest Festival - Oct 11

Since it is getting around the time when Harvest Festivals are happening worldwide, we thought it would be appropriate to do our own version at Brix 11th of October.

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Celebrate New Year 2017/18 with us at Brix Hostel!

Come and celebrate New Years’ Eve in Prague! For our second New Year celebrations at Brix, we’ve put together some amazingly competitive 4-day packages, surely good enough to tempt anybody to come and bring in 2018 with a bang in one of the worlds premier party destinations.

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Backyard Graffiti by Garavato Timelapse

Artist Garavato was kind enough to come and add a touch of live and colour to Brix Hostel, come and check it out! Born and raised in Girardot, Colombia, Tavo's childhood revolved around skating, music, friends, movies, and a clear passion for sketching and pencil drawing. All these experiences gave him the confidence to explore new and remote places, to move through cities and towns that would only further feed his creativity and give him the drive to pursue his passion for the world of Visual Arts. Nowadays, and living in B.S, Argentina, Garavato also mixes some of his talents as an urban street painter, making his craft on street walls, bars, houses, or any suitable city structure. With the use of stencils, freehand, and mixed media, he paints over walls, with animals as his subjects, which he is intrigued by, and are an ongoing source of inspiration.

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Top 10 Tips for International Food in Prague

Thanks to the international nature of its’ population, Prague has an incredible variety of global dining options. Whether you’re looking for a sit-down meal or just grabbing a quick bite, you should find something on our Top 10 list that will satisfy your hunger.

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