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Humanity’s Silhouette Exhibition

BRIX is pleased to host ”Humanity’s Silhouette” an exhibition of Czech-American photographer Mitchell Mullen’s work. Mullen, who grew up just outside Prague, discovered film photography through his love of exploration and getting lost in new experiences. He describes a certain excitement about waiting for film to be developed as it uncovers what was captured in the moment, and sees a certain imperfect honesty in the way that film photography captures the world. In particular, he loves the way that it is not “perfect”, but rather shares an aesthetic of uniqueness associated with hand-made objects. He says, “when things are not perfect it is very human and there is a certain beauty in the imperfections.”

The ”Humanity’s Silhouette” work will remain on exhibit at Brix through 15 May 2022. BRIX will be regularly exhibiting the work of local photographers, painters and other visual artists; please contact our events team if you would like to participate!

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