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Vitkov – Top Sight to See in Prague 3

If you happen to travel to Prague and you are staying in the district of Prague 3, then Vitkov monument is an absolutely must see sight, here is why.

Vitkov Hill, located in the eastern part of Prague, is home to one of the city’s most prominent landmarks, the Vitkov Statue. This monumental bronze equestrian statue, completed in 1950, honors Czech national hero Jan Zizka, who led Hussite forces to victory against invading armies during the 15th century.

The statue is situated on top of a massive pedestal and is surrounded by a large plaza that offers sweeping views of Prague’s skyline. At night, the statue is illuminated, making for a truly breathtaking sight.

Visitors can climb the stairs to the top of the pedestal and explore the museum inside, which houses exhibits detailing the history of the Hussite movement and Jan Zizka’s life. The museum also includes a large collection of weapons and armor used during the Hussite Wars.

Aside from its historical significance, Vitkov Hill is a popular spot for outdoor recreation, with plenty of walking and cycling trails winding through the surrounding parkland. During the summer months, the hill is also a popular venue for concerts and other cultural events.

Overall, the Vitkov Statue is a must-see attraction for anyone interested in Czech history and culture. Its commanding presence and panoramic views make it a unique and memorable addition to any visit to Prague

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