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10 Czech Drinks You Must Try On Your Next Visit to Czechia

  1. Becherovka: Becherovka is a renowned Czech herbal liqueur that has been produced since the early 19th century. It is made from a secret blend of herbs, spices, and botanicals, resulting in a distinctively bitter and aromatic taste. Becherovka is often enjoyed as a digestif and is known for its warming and soothing qualities.
  2. Slivovice: Slivovice is a strong plum brandy that holds deep cultural significance in Czech society. It is typically made through the fermentation and distillation of ripe plums. Slivovice can vary in strength but is generally known for its potent alcohol content. Many families in the Czech Republic take pride in producing their own homemade slivovice.
  3. Fernet Stock: Fernet Stock is a popular Czech bitter herbal liqueur. It is made from a blend of various herbs, roots, and spices, creating a complex and intense flavor profile. Fernet Stock is often consumed as a digestif or used as an ingredient in cocktails. Its bitter taste is believed to aid digestion.
  4. Absinthe: Absinthe, known as “absinth” in Czech, is a strong, anise-flavored spirit with a rich history. It is traditionally prepared by macerating herbs, including wormwood, in high-proof alcohol. Absinthe is typically served by dripping ice-cold water over a sugar cube placed on a slotted spoon, resulting in a milky greenish drink. It is known for its distinctive herbal flavor and the ritualistic manner of consumption.
  5. Moravian wine: The Moravian region in the Czech Republic is renowned for its wine production. Moravian wines include a wide range of varietals, including white, red, and rosé. The region’s diverse terroir and favorable climate contribute to the production of high-quality wines. Moravian wines are appreciated for their aromatic profiles, balanced flavors, and ability to complement Czech cuisine.
  6. Slivovice pálenka: Slivovice pálenka is a type of pálenka, which refers to Czech fruit brandies made through traditional distillation methods. Slivovice pálenka specifically focuses on plum distillates. It is a strong and clear spirit with a pronounced plum flavor, often enjoyed as a traditional and potent Czech spirit.
  7. Medovina: Medovina is a traditional Czech honey wine, also known as mead. It is made by fermenting honey with water and sometimes incorporating various fruits, spices, or herbs. Medovina has a sweet and rich taste, and it is commonly associated with festive occasions, such as weddings or holidays.
  8. Beznaděj: Beznaděj is a unique Czech liqueur made from cherry stones. It boasts a distinct almond flavor and is often enjoyed as a dessert liqueur or an ingredient in cocktails. Beznaděj offers a nutty and subtly bitter taste, derived from the cherry stones used during the production process.
  9. Tuzemák: Tuzemák is a Czech spirit that is typically distilled from potatoes or sugar beets. It is a clear and relatively neutral spirit, often compared to vodka. Tuzemák is commonly used as a base for mixed drinks and cocktails due to its versatility.
  10. Hruškovice: Hruškovice is a pear brandy made from fermented pears. It is known for its fruity aroma, smooth texture, and delicate pear flavors. Hruškovice is enjoyed as a sipping spirit or used as an ingredient in cocktails, adding a distinct pear essence to the drink.


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