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When we set out on our journey, we wanted the bar to be the beating-heart of the hostel. We were lucky enough to start out with a blank canvas - a huge empty white room. Our blank canvas turned out better than any of us could have imagined, and we can’t wait to show it off to you. We’ve all got heaps of bar experience, and with the best music playing all day long, regular live music and events, rotating art exhibits, and great drinks deals, you’ll find our bar the perfect launchpad for your time in Prague.

The Czech Republic (or ‘Czechia’) is world-famous for its’ beers, and we took that fact to heart when we chose to serve Svijany. It stands out a mile as our favourite beer and is particularly popular amongst expats here, despite it being fairly hard to find in Prague. We serve three varieties of Svijany beer, the 11 degree, 12 degree, or our dark beer, the 13 degree. Ask the barman to find out the differences between each of them! If beer isn’t your tipple, don’t worry, we’ve got a huge range of spirits and cocktails to choose from, or wines if you’d prefer. Why not try out a coffee from our amazing new coffee machine too!

Grab a beer with us and we’ll teach you how to play our local game, ‘Czech Dice’, and maybe even challenge you to a game on our world-championship class foosball table. Or you could just put your feet up on the patio and chill with a book, it’s up to you!