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brix womans day party

Are you a woman based on your $3x OR gender? Do you love, respect, and appreciate women? Did you come out of a woman into this world?
If you said yes to any of these questions (especially the 2nd one), COME to our International Women’s Day party on Friday, March 11th at Brix Bar!
STYLE yourself in a look inspired by an important woman in history!
DANCE to music created by women because our DJs (Ktva, Wee & Piqi Miqi) will be spinning female artists all night from many genres and generations.
DRINK till you wanna dance on a table, tell your friends how much you love them or how much of a d!¢khead your ex was!
PEE collectively while loudly chatting with your cabin neighbors or all by yourself!
COMPLIMENT (other) women till they blush and tell you how amazing YOU ARE!
MEET (other) women, make new friends and contacts, and then support each other’s hustles!
JOIN US at International Women’s Day party to celebrate bimbo’s, incubators, $/ut$, honest women, and many other (non)existing types of women!
((Political correctness has left the chat))
See ya there!

ENTRY (cash only, same as at the bar)
150,- if you arrive between 8pm & 10pm
200,- if you arrive between 10pm and 12am
250,- if you come after 12am

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